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Our Services – Intruder Alarms


From a Small garage to large commercial sites KHG Security will tailor your alarm system to your exact needs. Our installation technicians have many years of experience between them and we will always go the extra mile to ensure that the system we install is ideal for your property. We are accredited by the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) which means that all of our installations will be issued with a certificate of conformity for insurance approval.

Some of the benefits of this accreditation are:

intruder alarms

  • Guaranteed four hour maximum response time if you call us
  • Independent inspection of KHG security regularly by SSAIB inspectors. 
  • The ability to connect our systems to the emergency services.
  • Quality management systems to ensure efficient company operation.

We only use the very highest quality equipment which, coupled with our high installation standards leads to incredibly low false alarm figures.

Our latest range of intruder alarm systems can be connected to your existing broadband or a 3G mobile phone network to allow you to access your system through our cloud server using a computer or smartphone app, allowing arming, disarming and interrogation of the system from anywhere in the world. The smartphone app will also notify you if your alarm is activated and the system can be configured to send images from your property to your phone or our cloud server if it triggers.

intruder alarms

Our new smart intruder alarm systems can also let you know if, for example children arrive home and turn the alarm off – you can receive a text message or notification to your phone when specific users carry out certain operations on the alarm system.

We can integrate your KHG intruder alarm into other security systems and with the addition of a connection to your existing broadband line or a 3G data network, as well as the features above you can allow remote access from our engineers, allowing us to bring any of our systems right up-to-date with new software and allowing us to diagnose and solve a large amount of problems without inconveniencing you by visiting your premises.

All of the features of our latest alarm systems work flawlessly and consistently providing you with a system that although incredibly simple to use is on the cutting edge of security technology.

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