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Our Services – Monitoring

Redcare in Knutsford

Alarm monitoring in partnership with Southern Monitoring Services.

So what happens when your alarm activates? Does it just ring and ring with no response from your neighbours? If this is the case it is important to consider alarm monitoring. Your alarm system can be configured to call our monitoring station in the event of an activation, where a combination of cutting-edge monitoring software and highly trained and professional operators work 24-hours a day to give you total peace of mind.

These signals can be relayed to the persons of your choosing, from the emergency services (subject to approval call for details) neighbours, family or a keyholding service.

We offer alarm monitoring by any of the following methods:

CSL Digiair

The digiair is now one of our most popular new monitoring methods – The Digiair unit replaces a conventional land-line connection for your alarm system using a SIM card to send signals through a secure mobile phone network to our ARC. Comprehensive signals can be sent via the unit and the transmission path is monitored for disruption.

Digital Communicator (local line cut monitoring)

A digital communicator is the basic level of monitoring, connecting your alarm system by your existing telephone line to the monitoring station and then onto the emergency services and/or your designated keyholders. The system will alert you to cutting of the phone line by the systems keypad and/or sounders.

Redcare (with full local and remote line cut monitoring)

BT Redcare is a service which provides continuous monitoring of a dedicated BT landline that links our professionally installed alarm system to our alarm receiving centre (ARC)

The local and remote line cut monitoring offers a higher level of security then a Digital Communicator as it functions by detecting if there has been a line cut or fault which would prevent the system signalling through to the ARC. Immediately you or your chosen keyholder is contacted and informed of the situation that has occurred.

Redcare GSM/Dualcom

BT red care GSM incorporates a protected Redcare landline connection with a GSM radio path. In the event of a line cut it permits the alarm system to be monitored by the radio path. If the BT landline fails, the ARC will receive a failure message. The GSM path will continue to transmit to the alarm receiving centre, sending a signal if the alarm is activated. This service provides a very high level of property protection and is excellent for business or residential customers who require guaranteed confirmation of an activation.

As an alternative to Redcare, which is a BT provided service, Dualcom systems use the Vodafone data network to provide a backup signal to the ARC should a fault occur to the landline which is connected to the alarm system. Both systems are approved by most British insurers. Please check with your insurance company.

GSM Dialer

For a simple solution to your monitoring needs, our transmitters send signals via the mobile phone networks allowing the dispatch of our 24-hour keyholding and response service partners. Please see our section keyholding a response or contact us for further details of the service and the areas available for coverage.

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