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Keyholding and Response in Knutsford

Our Services – Keyholding and Response

KHG security work in partnership with a small number of select specialist keyholding and response companies to offer a complete range of security services. With the installation of alarm monitoring any activations will be responded to immediately by trained and experienced personnel.

This is the ultimate in home security services, with a guaranteed response, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year if your alarm activates. No longer do you have to rely on neighbours, and even the most trusted relatives or friends can be unavailable or unwilling to respond in the early hours of the morning-our response teams are ready to dispatch to your property every second of every day, often arriving on site before the police.

Keyholding and Response in Knutsford Digiair

If your property needs securing, The response team will ensure that this is done by calling in tried and trusted boarding up companies, calling in glaziers or calling us to carry out any necessary repairs or resets to the alarm system.

If none of the above are acceptable methods, and we will ensure that a guard remains at your premises until we’re satisfied that they are properly secured and the alarm system is reset and rearmed.

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